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Diane has been interested in art since middle school, and declares that it was her love for a certain video game that made her first pick up a pencil.

"I remember it like it was yesterday." She says with a smile, "Final Fantasy VII was ground breaking, the graphics, the storyline were truly amazing. So ground breaking, that eleven years later, it is held as one of the greatest games of all time." She smiles wider, "The first sketch I ever did was of Cloud Strife." (The game's main character.)

Since then, many other things has peeked her interest. "There was awhile in my past art history where all I would draw would be graffitti letters. I made many for my friends with their names and would base the way I drew the letters on their personalities. Later when I went to college, that helped me with my Typography classes."

She also has love for the written word. "I love writing as well." She adds, "I think drawing and writing go hand-n-hand and I cannot seperate the two from my life."

Which eventually lead to her passion... "I want to write and illustrate children's books." She confirms, "Book illustrations are so beautiful, and colorful. Look at James and the Giant Peach, or Mary Gran Pierre's illustrations for Harry Potter... they colorize the story."

Diane Damiani graduated with honors from the Katharine Gibbs School in 2007. She has an Associate in Specialized Technology and is seeking employment in the Graphic Design or Illustration field.